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I've made quite a few purchases at Frys in person without any issues but recently I made a purchase online (just over a week ago) and still haven't gotten the order, or a tracking number. I called customer service and was told that the shipment was "in route" and that if the order wasn't received on the expected delivery date to call them back...wait a minute - I don't have a tracking number so how can I possibly know what the expected delivery date is?

Oh, I see, i'll get the expected delivery date once the tracking numbers are uploaded into the system? Which might be the 12th of never... To make a long story short the customer service rep was the most incompetent person i've ever dealt with and should probably be removed from the gene pool ASAP.

If the order doesn't arrive on Monday i'll be calling my credit card company to stop payment since Frys can't cancel my order because it's "in route". Anyway, I won't be doing any more business with Frys after this!

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