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I went to exchange the camera (sony dsc-tx10) using the warranty sold to me at the time of purchase. First I went to the frys in Burbank CA and they had us wait around 45 minutes while they figured out how to search for a customer record in their own system....

They removed everything from the camera in the office and took us out to get a temp until they could do the repairs... I didn't have an issue at this point when they finally finished all the paperwork and we're about to walk out the door they said the system was down and we would have to come back tomorrow. Unfortunately I had a train to catch so I spent the next 2 weeks in AZ taking pics with an Iphone.

Finally made it to vegas wih a frys and expcted it to go a bit smoother, boy was I wrong. First we get there and the rep tells me that far from being able to replace o repair that the camera was exposed to liquids due to slight corrosion on the HDMI port. This is a waterproof camera that they said I had voided their warranty since it had been exposed to liquids.

When I purchased the camera the frys rep said if anything ever went wrong I could come to locations and they would just swap it out with either the same or the latest model etc etc. After speaking to the Vegas store manager she said "sales people will say anything to close a sale and it only matters whats in the contract". So I had to remind her that they are in fact her sales people. after a blank non comprehending stare she tried to say the camera they sold for a total of 329.99 was only $33 in her system so she could discount that from a camera if I wanted to purchase another one. Since the warranty was an additional $50 this didn't sound like the best of plans. The best part is they are going to charge me 69.99 to have it looked at.

I am filing an AG & BBB complaints to try and resolve the issue but remain doubtful. $%^& Frys. The sad prt was I have never had a problemin my on state with themhonoring warranties or deilvering products on schedule. I take care of purchasing for my company and the business they stand to lose because of a %$&*ing camera is just ***.

I especially liked the part how this will take 4-12 weeks! To check on status I was told to call them, they will then email the repair department, and then I should call again after they get the reply. (how I am supposed to know when they get a reply was not described but I am sure it involves tin foil and possibly tarot cards.

They will not deliver the product to an address designated, I have to go back to Vegas (keep in mind I'm on vaca) to pick up the camera. I was told they are no staples or office depot they have no way to deliver return to the customer directly... its called the post office guys look into it.

Either way, I will never recommend fry's and will become a vocal opponent to anyone I ever work with purchasing things from there again. I was happy to see the friends that waited through the 2hr+ process had a cart full of items for their home and after seeing how I was treated asked the clerk to return the couple grand in merchandise they had been planning on purchasing =)

Product or Service Mentioned: Frys Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $370.

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Ordered doogee y 100 cell phone from this Chinese company ( my mistake) the order was in processing for 18 DAYS tried to cancel but could not. Have sent at least 7 tickets( ther help line saying they will reply in 24 hrs.

No reply , no tracking number . Can anyone help me

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