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1) I went to fry's to get some simple parts. most of what I went in for was out of stock.

I have noticed on every occasion I go there they are out of stock. The have high moving items under stocked and slow moving stuff is over stocked. This problem is rampid in the component section of the store.

2) I bought a simple battery holder that holds 8 AA batteries 1,5vdc with connector for output. I asked the electronics clerk if the part voltage output was 12 volts DC or 1.5 volts DC because looking at the part it was not easy to see the connections.

He told me it was 12 volt output because the battery voltage added up to 12 volts. I asked him how can you tell? the connection is between the plastic. Then I asked him the question "Is it serial or parallel connected" he did not know what that question meant so he quest at the answer and was wrong.

I asked the same question to a store manager and he got the answer wrong also. I ask you why do you employ people in an electronics store that don't know anything about electronics. If they can't answer a simple question on a $3 dollar part, how can I trust them on a major purchase?

Would you buy a car from a dealership if you asked a question about the car and the sales person said what you see is what you get? You really have some major changes that need to be made.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frys Electronics Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: hire people that know what they are doing.

Location: 12707 N Mopac Expy, Austin, TX 78727, USA

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