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I purchased a new Dell laptop computer from Fry's. The computer was a returned computer and open box.

I get home and did not open the box until 5 days after I purchased it. After taking out of the box the laptop lid will not open. I call Fry's to ask them how to open it. After talking to the receptionist there all she tell me is to bring the computer back for a refund.

I ask to speak to someone in tech. support or from the computer department. I know it should be easy to open, but she will not tranfer me. I am going to return the laptop for a refund and they better not try to make me pay the 15% restocking fee.

I tried to call Dell and ask them but they told me that the computer is not registered yet. I can not refister the computer because I can not open it.

Monetary Loss: $753.

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It all comes down to this country is so full of people who don't do their jobs and no one does anything about it. Hate this loser country, can't wait for it to fail so we can fix it.

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