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After talking with the real manager, I the TV was replaced. Am happy now. Situation resolved

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Went to upgrade my TV and decided on a TV from Frys that was on sale. Wen to Frys on 45 in Houston. Showed the sales add. They said that they had no idea of what the add was saying and tried to sell me one for a thousand dollars more. I called the Frys number and they found on 11565 S.W. Fwy, 59 also in Houston. I bought the TV that night online. I verified with a phone call to the store and was told that I could pick it up at any time. When I arrived and provided all the documents, It took them a long time to find the TV. The package looked in good shape with no physical damage. When I got home and plugged the TV in. It never came on. The red light at the bottom was flashing twice waited and flashed twice again. A female voice was saying that TV was starting up then cut off to cycle again. I couldn't get anyone at Fry's till the Monday after Easter. I explained what was happening to the girl and she told me that I had a 30-day money back guarantee. I told her that I did not want my money back and wanted a TV. She talked to her manager who told her that there was no more in stock. She told me to bring the TV in and they would exchange it for a newer model. We loaded the TV up and took it back. Two men from Frys removed the TV and took it inside. When I got inside they had already unpacked it and plugged in. The guy at the register said, "Where are all these TVs coming from". There were several more in the returns area already. When I went to look at it it was doing the same thing as the day before and pointed it out to them. The gentleman told me that I would have to wait for the manager and said there was a crack at the top of the screen. I could see no visible signs of a crack or any damage anywhere on the TV and that the discoloration in the top corner was not there the night before. The reason I brought it in was because of the power on cycling and the red light flashing. He said that the manager would have to approve. Was told that it would be a while because he was stuck in traffic. He was coming in from home. When Charles Bauer finally arrived he told me without looking at the TV that it had a crack in the screen. He asked me if I picked it up or if it was delivered. Told him I picked it up. He said there was nothing I could do. That I had damaged it while installing it. I asked him how that could be. He said anyone putting their finger on the screen could cause it to crack and was not covered. I said that there was no physical damage anywhere not even fingerprints on the screen. All the guards were still in place beside the reason I brought it in was the power cycling on and off. There was no discoloration the night before. He said doesn't matter there is a crack and they will not cover anything and to get my TV out of the store. I asked for his card and told him that I was going to sue him. He did give me his card after he left and returned a while later. He said with the card that I would need to take my TV and leave the store. I told him that I was calling the credit card company and disputing the transaction. He told me once again to get my TV and leave. This time he laughed. The people with the credit card company told me it would take about 45 days for the dispute to gather all the information I could and to call the police and get a report. which I did. I was told that they would have an officer on the way. The manager disappeared then I received a phone call from the Houston police. The officer told me this was a civil matter and they would not get involved. I told them that I just needed a credible witness. She was very short and told me that I was breaking the law by buying the TV then not paying for it and could go to jail that I just need to leave and settle it in court. When I tried to ask a question she hung up. There should at least be a police recording of this. I did leave the store without the TV. I am 68 years old and on social security. I could not lift the SAMSUNG QN75Q6FN75 inch TV myself..... VERY VERY PISSED OFF. and I will file a lawsuit. I really believe that this Frys was losing money on all the returned TVs and if there was damage that they caused it. It was DOA when I got it and had no visible damage even when I returned it. Looking at the receipt I had been given at the bottom it has a clause (GIFT CERT USED. NO REFUNDS) My advice is to all that read this is to be aware when you buy from Fry's. Heed my warning and read the other complaints against Fry's They apparently, buy the rejects and year old models to sell them at a discount rate. When there is a problem they will look for any reason not to honor their warranty and you will have just saved them from paying the junkyard to dispose of a product with toxic chemicals. They will even threaten you with the Police. tHE FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN. THIS WAS AT


11565 S.W. FREEWAY


PHONE NUMBER 832 200 ****

INVOICE NO 029-1045****

FRIDAY APRIL 19, TIME 19:11:12


Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Qn75Q6 Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Replace TV.

Frys Electronics Pros: Selection.

Frys Electronics Cons: Follow up or follow through from technical support or managers.

Location: 11565 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77031

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I appreciate your comments. I can relate.

I've experienced similar situations at Frys...too many horrible customer service related issues to cite. Imagine my jubilation when I found out they were all shutting down. Aside from the pandemic, they have no one to blame but themselves.

If they ever DO try to resurrect this place, maybe they can consider bringing on people that AREN'T apathetic, lazy or ignorant. Payback's a ***

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